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The On Purpose Divorce

360° of Healing

Divorce happens to almost half the couples who walk down an aisle and to an even greater percentage of those who go down a second time. When it happens, you have the opportunity to make a decision that will influence your emotional well-being, your children’s, and all your future relationships. This is the decision: You can turn left and fight to prove that you are right and the other is wrong, or you can turn right and explore the sorrows and struggles of the breakup, not as opportunities to fight and win, but as a chance to find meaning and purpose.

Are you still ordering or eating the LEFTOVERS of Divorce

or are you enjoying the FEAST?

Watch Chateau du Divorce at


Want to know which way you turned?

  • Are you still a slave to the emotions and frustrations of your divorce?
  • Do your children continue to suffer fallout?
  • Are you attracting and repeating the same kind of relationships?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you turned left. You may not realize it, but your unconscious thought patterns are negatively influencing your life. 

Do you want to:

  • Be free emotionally, physically, and mentally?
  • Attract healthy relationships?
  • Release dysfunctional family dynamics?


Then leave the leftovers of Divorce

and take the right hand turn to

On Purpose Divorce: 360° of Healing 

Enjoy the Feast!


To start your journey:

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to discover exactly where you are in the healing process, where you need help, and what you can do to start filling in your gaps right now.

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